Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Hey all,

I've been home from Japan for over a week now. I haven't been blogging regularly simply because I've been so busy with work and trying to return to a normal life. It has been quite an adjustment. The first few days back on Vancouver Island felt surreal. I have returned home a different person than when I left for Japan.

                                           My Last Morning at The Cove - Dolphin Free Day

My experience as a Cove Guardian was extremely rewarding and I feel that I was able to participate in a campaign that is making a significent difference for the dolphins. Of course we were not able to physically save the dolphins that have been slaughtered this year, but we are looking to end this hunt to save the dolphins migrating past Japan in the future. The group of Cove Guardians that I spent my days with are a dedicated and selfless group of individuals looking to make necessary improvements in regards to environmental and animal rights issues.

                                           Cove Guardians On My Last Day

I'd like to personally thank each and every individual who helped make this trip a reality for me. Here is a list of everyone who contributed to my Taiji initiative. Whether you helped out with funds, positivity, fundraisers, or simply offered moral support, you were all a part of the effort to save the dolphins .You are all wonderful and the dolphins thank you!
A Huge thank you to Andi Beaumont, Alissa Deck, Adam Deck, Kevin Park, Stephanie Guthrie, Bob Timmons, Prad, Derek Howlett, Ryan Hughes, Freelee & Harley, Megan Rivard, Deborah Sheehan, Angela Dawn Geddies, Marley, Brooke, Tara, Julia Ganswind, Glenn Gaetz, Joanne Chang, Kerrie Sheehan Racicot, Scott West, Elora Malama, Rex Ray, Darrell Erhart, Pat Newson, Andrea Barisan, The crew at Zen Zero, Magenta, Rose Vasile, Ted Carr, Donna Bodi Jack & family, Ian, The crew at 30bananasaday, The crew at Thriftys, Edward Huffman, Jaap koops, Cheryl Snyder, Sarah Bergstrom, Chuck Carlson, Lisa Crist, Josh Freya, Kara Dell, Lynn Hughes Stevenson, Florence Etienne, Cynthia Jones, D Gill, Bev Brewis, Laurice Dee, Corwin Fox, Bee Wolf Ray, Jack & Peggy, and everyone who came out to our events and/or helped organize.
I'd like to say a very special thank you to Terry Lenore of Euroscape spa (http://www.euroscapespa.com/) for your astounding generousity. Terry not only sponsored me with a flight to Japan, but I am now also an employee of Terry's.
Thank you to everyone who offered support for my dream to help save the dolphins!!!

You can visit my youtube channel to watch the last video log that I created in Taiji, Japan. I will be returning next year, and every year that follows until we see an end to the slaughter of dolphins in Japan.

For The Oceans,


  1. Please! Keep writing! Befriend me on facebook. I would like to talk with you. http://facebook.com/holisec

  2. Awesome efforts Tarah

    I would love to meet you. I recently moved to Comox Valley. I just came back from Thailand to help rescue elephants. I would love to connect with other animal rights activists. After my experience there, I have moved into a veganism life style. you can find me and the elephants on facebook. either Teresah Harder-Spann or Free the Elephants. or email @ teresahlynn24@gmail.com.

    I hope to hear from you.

    All the best, and wishes of happiness and harmony to you,