Saturday, October 30, 2010

Artwork For Sale!!!!

Here are the pictures of the current works of art for sale. We need a serious miracle here! Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing one of these pieces, and I will send them out tomorrow!
Here goes:

This original artwork piece is absolutely stunning. This picture does not do it justice. The paint is irridescent, and is an original created by a lovely animal activist and close friend of mine. It was created to portray Neptune, god of the sea protecting the dolphins and shining with love. Notice the dolphins in the bottom left corner and the heart on his cheek. The size is 24" by 36".  The price is $1800, and well worth it but we are willing to negotiate.


This next piece is a print (32 of 495) of a lovely area on Vancouver Island called Union Bay. The title is "Union Bay, Circa 1917". It portrays a time in the not-so-distant past. It was created by Bill Maximick, a well known and prestigious local artist. The size is 21" by 30". $300

This is an original artwork piece by a native man named Terrence Young. His goal is to bridge the gap between all peoples and creatures in nature. This is a wonderful framed piece. The title is "Unity Prayers". The size is 18" by 15". The frame is wooden. $150.

The next piece of artwork is a print of a picture taken in Cuba. It's a wonderful picture and is framed and matted. It was created by a local woman and also friend of mine. The size is 18" by 14". $125.

This one is a funky little piece of artwork. It's small, at 4.5" by 4.5" but fabulous! It was created by a local artist and is acrylic on recycled wood. It is tilted "Magic Cloak". $25.

Please let me know if any of you are interested in purchasing any of these art pieces. We can discuss prices and/or size, or any other questions you may have.

For The Oceans,

Artwork Items for Sale!

Hello all,

I have artwork items for sale...But first, lets recap on last night....
Last night my partner and I held another fundraising event titled "An Evening For The Dolphins". It was a beautiful night filled with love, music, friends, and delicious food. We started out the evening by setting up in  the newly renovated room at Zen zero. We gathered chairs, tables, a stage riser, decorations, and auction items. The auction items were ready to be bid on by 6:30pm. People started to filter in shortly after we opened, and by 7pm wonderful music by Jack and Peggy filled the space.

The event for the dolphins was another great success. We are coming closer to our goal of Ryan joining us activists in Taiji, Japan. We sold 25 out of the 30 auction items last night. Local businesses had donated items of all prices; ranging from water bottles, gift certificates, and clothing to art work, books, and woodworks. The music was also a success. Many great local artists took time out of their busy schedules to join us at the event. I want to thank Jack, Peggy, Bee Wolf Ray, Jeff Butterworth, and Corwin Fox. Your music touched each and every one of us. Thank you for your amazing support and beautiful rhythms.

This being said, we have not reached the final goal of two Canadian activists traveling to Taiji. We are so close! We are hoping for a miracle. I believe that miracles can happen. I am set to leave in two days time. Monday morning I will travel to Vancouver and I will board the plane for Taiji on Tuesday. Ryan feels a pull to Taiji. He wants to make a difference, to save lives. He is deeply passionate about animal rights issues and would love to help the dolphins. He needs $2500. This is not a large amount of money. I'm using visualization and positive thought to envision him in Taiji with us! We are looking for him to take the same flight as myself. It is the first flight listed here:

I will be placing the last few auction items, beautiful pieces of art for those interested in some last support! I have 5 art works worth $25, $125, $150, $500, and $1800. I will be posting the pictures of these items this afternoon. Please keep your eye out. If we sell these pieces of art, Ryan will be able to join the crew in Taiji and we will add one more activist to the cause.

For The Oceans,

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Two Activists Are Better Than One

Hello all,

I am deeply worried about the dolphins currently in the killing cove. I am envisioning them escaping, as futile as it may seem to some. Like Elora, I very much believe in the force of visualization and positive thoughts. This being the case, I have been hoping for others to join us in Taiji as fellow Cove Guardians. We need more people. Rex has been mentioning on facebook that they are working tirelessly to get the word out to the world. We cannot stress this enough: If you have the opportunity to come to Taiji, please do so!

I'd like to report some wonderful news in this time of dispair. My partner Ryan has been given the opportunity to travel to Taiji to act as a Cove Guardian. He has a lull in his work which is allowing him the time to spend protecting the dolphins. Ryan and I traveled together earlier this year to volunteer with Sea Shepherd in the Galapagos. He is a hard worker and never voices complaints. He was as shocked as I when viewing "The Cove" and would like to help in any way he can. The only obstacle standing in Ryan's path is finances. I have almost raised the full amount for my trip to Taiji in only 1 1/2 months, and have finalized my travel arrangements. I am still in need of more funds, but the future is looking bright. Two activists are better than one, and I'd love for Ryan to join us in the fight to save the dolphins of our oceans!

We are looking forward to the next fundraising event this upcoming Friday evening. We have been working very hard to make media contact, get donations for silent auction items, and raise awareness for the dolphins. Ryan has been extremely supportive and is now very excited at the prospect of directly helping the dolphins in Taiji. I know I have asked a lot of you wonderful individuals, and your support has been fabulous. But hear my call again, if anyone knows of a possible sponsor, or someone who would like to support this initiative please direct them here. I leave in one week from today and It'd be great to have another activist traveling with me.

Here is a glimpse of Ryan and I with the Sea Shepherd crew in the Galapagos Islands:

                                           Ryan and I at the Bake Sale for The Dolphins

For The Oceans,

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Taiji Draws Near

Hello all,

The time for me to travel to Taiji draws near. I booked my flight earlier this week and will be departing from Vancouver on November 2nd. I will arrive in Osaka the next day and make my way to Kii-Katsuura via train. There has been much preparation and planning to do! I have spent quite a bit of time fundraising and the support has been phenomenal as you all know.

I have just recently purchased a Flip Ultra HD video camera with a zoom lens and underwater casing. I will also be taking along my Minolta X370 manual film photography camera with a telephoto lens and tripod. I am currently looking for a sponsor for diving equipment and/or simply a wet or dry suit. I have been pounding the pavement to connect with local business owners in my town in search of sponsors and donors. The local businesses have been very receptive, and the only item I'm left searching for is underwater gear. Please contact me if you have any leads!

I am holding another event for the dolphins this upcoming Friday. It is titled "An Evening For The Dolphins". There is a page on Facebook for those interested in viewing the event.
This event will also be held at the wonderful raw food restaurant; Zen Zero. The evening will feature 5 wonderful local musicians playing from 6:30-9:30pm. The subject of the music will be our planet earth. I will be presenting a speech about my initiatives and passion. There will also be a large silent auction with many items that were donated from local stores and caring individuals. It is amazing to see the passion and love from others in support of my trip and saving the dolphins. The event will have another write up and picture in the local paper: The Comox Valley Record. It will also be announced on our local radio stations, and hopefully on CBC Radio 1.

As I make final preparations for the excursion to Taiji, Japan I feel excitement love for the beautiful creatures that I am looking to help save. I will not lend my thoughts to fear, anger, or hate. I have a vision, to see the dolphins swim freely in our oceans without pain or fear of death. I will be keeping thoughts of peace and love for the dolphins in my heart.

 Thank you to all that have contacted me with your plans to travel to Taiji also. We will take a stand for the dolphins and show that we will not back down until the killing stops. See you in Taiji!

Any last support, positive comments, donations, and/or thoughts of love are welcome!

For The Oceans,

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Bake Sale A Huge Success!

Hey everyone,

As promised, I have updates from the Bake Sale For The Dolphins!!
I headed to Zen Zero around 11 am after work to set up everything in preparation for the sale.
People started bringing in their donated dishes for the sale, and everything was ready to go by 1pm! We set everything out to eat and had an amazing response. In total, there were around 15 individuals who donated vegan baked and raw treats. Also, the day was sunny and beautiful, perfect weather! Here's a sample of some of the treats enjoyed by all:
Chocolate Pie
Cookies & Cream cupcakes
Chocolate Ganache Cake
Apple Pie
GingerBread Cookies
Lemon Squares
Banana Crater Cake
Cinnamon Buns

The majority of these items were organic and gluten free, and of course all vegan. There was also a large number of raw goodies. I want to shout out a huge thank you to everyone who stopped by, donated money, donated treats, and helped sell. I especially want to thank Ryan, my partner for his amazing effort and care throughout this journey to travel to Taiji. He has been wonderfully supportive and helpful in every way possible.

The Bake Sale lasted 3 1/2 hours, just in time to start setting up for the screening of The Cove. The crowd was very receptive. Many came out in response to the story in the Newspaper earlier in the week. It was a huge success! We had some individuals come to see The Cove and learn about the dolpin slaughter for the first time. It was a very busy day and more than worth the effort. You can check out the story in the local newspaper here:

Thanks to all who participated!

Here are some pictures from the sale.

                                                        Ryan & Myself

                                                       A few of the treats on display

     Some bought goodies (Choc.Ganache, cupcake, walnut & choc. cookie, cinnamon bun, gingerbread)

                                         Towards the end of the day: Everything sold so quickly!

For The Oceans,

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Bake Sale For The Dolphins!

Hey all,

This will be a brief post, but I'll provide updates later on today.

Today is the long awaited Bake Sale For The Dolphins! I've gathered 11 wonderful individuals to help me bake vegan and raw goodies for the bake sale today. There will be plenty of food to go around. I spent 5 hours preparing and baking last night in preparation for the sale. The goodies that I baked are:
Cookies & Cream Cupcakes
Double Chocolate Caramel Muffins
Banana Chocolate Chip Crater Cake

The baking was a success, and I can't wait to see how the day turns out! I'm also doing a screening of "The Cove" at 5pm, after the bake sale has finished. There was a story placed in the largest local newspaper this past Wednesday, so there should be a good turn out! I'm hoping to inspire others to help save the dolphins in Taiji.

Here is the link to the newspaper story for those interested in viewing:

I'll let you all know how it turns out! Wish me luck!

For the Oceans,

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Cove

Hello all,

My heart goes out to those in Taiji at this moment. Last night before heading to bed I read the most recent update in Taiji. I was shocked. They slaughtered 14 dolphins! I could feel the tears coming as my body turned cold. I know by now to expect these things, but I am never prepared for my reaction to the killings. Like Scott said there is cause for optimism here, as 6 young dolphins were spared, but I can't help but wonder how these "fishermen" can kill so ruthlessly.

I think about those at the cove often. My hope is that we can make a significent difference with our positive influence at the killing site. My departure to Taiji draws near. In less than three weeks I will be boarding a plane to Osaka, making my way to assist Scott and Elora. I will be staying for a duration of 19 days in Taiji. I would absolutely love to assist longer, but my job (at which i've only been employed just over a month) has given me no more than three weeks off. I still believe that my presence there will make a difference!

I'd like to mention another topic in this post, and that is my fundraising efforts. Please understand that I do not wish to detract from the seriousness of this post. That being said, I'm much closer to helping end this slaughter than when I began the journey. Just this morning I attended the first bake sale to raise funds for my trip. It was very generously organized by a wonderful local high school student who cares deeply for the dolphins. It was very successful, raising $140 in just over an hour! Thank you Quinn for your efforts! It is likely that she will be hosting another bake sale "To Save The Dolphins" this upcoming Friday. I commend you for your help!

I'll leave off with thanking everyone again for your generousity. You are all responsible for helping me end this barbaric slaughter. Each and every one of us can make a difference, even if we cannot travel to Taiji. I wish you all the best, and offer my support during this sad time.

For the Oceans,

Thursday, October 7, 2010


Hello all,
I tried uploading my second video log, but it would not work. I'm trying to work out the kinks! Sorry! For now, please visit my youtube channel where you can view my newest video & subscribe if you have a spare moment. Thanks!
Here is the link to my youtube channel:

Also, please check out Zen Zero's blog about my upcoming bake sale fundraiser here:

For the Oceans,

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Video Log & Youtube Channel

Hello all,

I recorded my first video log and have posted it on my youtube channel. Please watch the video and subscribe to my channel if you have a chance.

For The Oceans,