Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Hello all,

I have joyous news to report this evening. Today we witnessed a battle. The dolphin molesters are becoming too greedy. Their boats were out in search of victims to fuel their brutality this morning upon our arrival at the cove. It was not long before another dolphin drive began. But today the story ends a little differently. The dolphins fought for four hours, their lives at stake, until at last outsmarting these barbaric fools and escaping out into the ocean. I'd like to believe that our persistant visualization techniques aided in their escape. There was cause for celebration in Taiji today. Unfortunately we also had to say goodbye to many Cove Guardians today. Ryan (my partner), David, Louanna, and their two children left Taiji.
                                           Ryan & I - Goodbye at The Cove

Having the day free to do as we please, I decided to take a walk around Kii-Katsuura. It is not often that we find time for ourselves amidst the blood, death, and despair in Taiji. I strolled around the harbour letting my mind take rest from the constant activity. But Japan will not let one forget for long. As I was touring the Kii harbour, I happened upon a fleet of whale watching boats. The boats are contoured in the shapes of whales and dolphins, bearing childish paint and designs. There was a giant hoard of tourists awaiting their tour of Kii and Taiji, hoping to view some ocean life. I had not mentioned this, but yesterday as we were filming the horrific footage of dolphins being sliced open on the gutting barge; a whale watching boat sailed on by carrying a group of entirely oblivious tourists.

As I was sitting at the harbour watching the whale and dolphin boats leave port I pondered over humanity. Why is it that we choose to stay blind to the slaughter of our oceans? Why do we waste our time and money on materialistic pursuits while innocent lives are being taken? I know of many individuals who refuse to watch the gruesome footage because they prefer to keep their blinders on.Well, I say lets empower ourselves with the knowledge needed to create positive change. Can we not simply abandon our lives full of meaningless garb such as fancy cars, clothing, and television to pursue a life full of meaning, protecting those who cannot defend themselves? This is a path of selflessness and I encourage each and every one of you to take a walk with us.

"People, the power is in your hands; To chase out corruption; To heal this beautiful land."

For The Oceans,

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