Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Hello all,

Today, as predicted by the molester's previous actions marked the slaughter of 40 dolphins here in Taiji, Japan. The day went as usual with the 15 of us Cove Guardians spread out among the many lookouts. The coninuous pattern that we're seeing is as follows:
-Dolphin molesters bring trainers to cove for selection process.
-Selection process. This can be as quick as 30 minutes or take up to 5 hours.
-Transportation of dolphins to captive pens in the Taiji harbour.
-Placement of tarps and black cloak of death in the killing cove.
-Slaughter of dolphins.
-Preparation of and placement of gutting barge near Tsunami hill.
-Transportation of dead dolphins to gutting barge.
-Gutting process.
-Transfer of gutted dolphins to butchering area in harbour.

This situation occurs each day after dolphins are driven into the Cove. Most days this process is completed by 1pm. It's chilling to witness the molester's efficiency at slaughtering and butchering one of the most beautiful creatures of our seas. Today, although many were slaughtered and 8 were sent to a life of captivity, the killers set approximately 50 dolphins free. If they are making an attempt to appeal to us it is not working.

We hear quite a bit about the cultural aspect of this slaughter here in Taiji. These "fishermen" simply want to preserve the tradition of their ancestors. I urge you to not buy into this. The slaughter of dolphins in Taiji started only 40 short years ago. The killing of dolphins is not a tradition, and the majority of younger hunters are not in agreement with the ethics and are forced into this position by the elders. You'll notice that tradition is often accompanied by pride. If one felt proud of their actions, showing their cultural to the world, would they not stride confidently and show their work in plain sight?

It has become very clear to us that this "tradition" is cloaked in shame. These molesters take every precaution to make sure that their dirty deeds go unseen. Unfortunately for them, we seem to outsmart them at every turn. This hunt has become a hassle for the molesters. One can imagine them cursing under their breath as they perform lengthy tasks to prevent our cameras from catching unsightly footage. They have gone so far as to cover their molestation entirely with tarps and barracade any areas in plain sight of the killing cove. The molesters have even placed barbwire and nets to prevent us from shooting in high vantage points. Their latest ploy is to maneuver their boats back and forth to push the blood back into the killing cove. Does this sound like a proud tradition to you?

To us, their actions speak loudly of embarrassment and shame. The police and townspeople are now starting to show these same emotions, and rightly so. They should be ashamed. The slaughter of dolphins has no place in this world.

For The Oceans,


  1. Thanks Tarah....The numbers you guys have seem to pressure them more! I hope the numbers stay up till March, imagine if there are 50, 100 Cove Guardians!! I plan on attending next year.... Cheers!

  2. Thanks for the report Tarah.
    The fact that the fishermen are trying to hide their activity demonstrates they do not get living in the 21st century nor understand the delicate balance of nature depends on all creatures living on earth. They are trying to live in the past in the present. It will fail. Life is all about change. Those not willing to accept change will pass by the wayside. The world has already seen their shameful activity. Even if they were able to totally stop the videoing of their shameful activity it wouldn't matter. The world now knows and is horrified. The cloak of secrecy won't work anymore. The world is seeing right through it now.
    So sad that they lack the wisdom to move into the 21st century. What a beautiful place the Taiji Cove could be for tourists to come see dolphins in the wild. The only way they will get any real tourists and make an honorable living is to stop the Dolphin slaughter. They are missing a great opportunity to be heroes of the 21st Century by ending this outdated way of life. Sad. If they keep killing dolphins at this rate, eventually the pods that migrate past Taiji will be killed off. Then this activity will end with the extermination of Dolphin familes. They have no right to do that. Japan does not own the ocean. They will end up cutting their own throats.

  3. ction Needed: As you may know, The trainers are coming to Boston for the International Marine Animal Trainers' Association Annual Conference. In attendance will be many of the trainers who have been at the Cove, including representatives from Suma Aquatic Park, Who Elora documented receiving Dolphins on 04.10.2010. Please follow the jump to ask the NEAQ to pull sponsorship of the event. She the link and please post a comment at the blog when you contact NEAQ. Thanks!


  4. Hello Tarah.

    I still wish I could come.
    But that doesn t seem possible.
    I called the japanes embassy in Norway and wrote emails. And I called Mayor Sangen in Taiji, the whale museum in Taiji and the Fishermens Union in taiji. Gonna call them every night now.

    Do you have more telephone numbers/email adresses I could call to or write to?

    Tanja lille mango