Thursday, November 18, 2010

Words Cannot Describe...

Hey all,

Words cannot describe the thoughts racing through my mind today...The atrocities witnessed on this day are causing my blood to boil. If any trace of respect for these disgusting men remaind in me, it has now been removed. For those of you who believe that I should try to understand and work with these murderers, you really do not have a concept of the deranged actions that these killers are capable of. If you have not witnessed the horrors of Taiji in person, please refrain from criticizing our tactics. This is not a matter of who's tactics work best. This is a matter of saving dolphins from a horrific fate.

The dolphin molesters drove a pod of around 40 dolphins into the Cove today. The dolphins fought. We are seeing the dolphins fight for their lives harder each time another pod is driven in. They drove them straight into the killing cove as we have seen the past few time. Shortly after, the trainers arrived for their sorting process. They hauled off 9 babies to the Whale Museum. It sickens me to think of what these babies have to endure. This is when the situation started to feel strange.

Libby and I headed up to Wonderland to view the activity at the gutting barge. We spotted one skiff approaching the barge to unload dolphins. We were not able count the number of dolphins. Another skiff approached, entirely empty. They started to maneuver the tarps, and one skiff attached itself to the side of the barge. Instantly we realized that this was not normal behavoir. We watched and captured footage of the dolphins being ripped open, their entrails thrown to the side. There was one key difference about gutting barge activity today. The dolphins were not dead. We watched as more than one dolphin moved, clearly alive, on the barge.
                                            First Trace of blood

No other skiffs approached from the Cove. We were on guard. Where were the other 20 or so dolphins? Not long after, we viewed the boat returning from the Whale Museum after dropping off the 9 babies. The boat was not empty. Two live dolphins laid on foam pads and were quickly covered when the killers realized that we were watching. We were shocked. Were they loading live dolphins onto the gutting barge? Yes indeed. The sound that followed is one that I will never forget. The live dolphins, surrounded by gutted bodies, started to flail as they realized that they were next in line. The sounds of the dolphin struggle as they were slaughtered followed.

                                         Slaughtering Live Dolphins

It is not enough for these molesters to simply slaughter dolphins. They do not kill the dolphins in the killing cove. They paralyze these beautiful creatures and stick a wooden plug below their blow hole to cease blood flow. The dolphins either drown as they are being dragged to the gutting barge, or are gutted alive. Not only this. The dolphin molesters now feel the need to destroy our rock dolphin created on the beach. That's all right. We shall keep fighting for the dolphins and will continue to create rock dolphins.

                                        Rock Dolphin
For The Oceans,


  1. Thank you for sharing the actions Tarah! I will be there soon to help!

  2. I read your blog heart head spins and i am lost for words. I write everyday...I call everyday...I pray everyday. You are all such strong courageous people to be living this atrocity. Thankyou for everything you have done. K

  3. I feel sick just reading this. No words. It's too horrible, I really want to come to Taiji but I don't think I could handle it Tarah! It scares me too much to think how I would deal with it. I am too confused with mixed emotions.
    How can you all be so strong? You are amazing.

  4. EVERYONE, PLEASE e-mail the OPRAH SHOW. Just copy and paste the link above, click on SHOW SUGGESTIONS, she did a show before and can do it again. IF anyone can get people motavated it’s her. There are not many of us, so we need to write to people like Larry King, Anderson Cooper, CNN, abc, cbs, nbc, we need media to cover this, play it on TV, get people talking and more people writing and calling. Need to spread the word. (also of course calling the Embassy too!)
    I tell people………and they are like “Oh, you mean the movie THE COVE, they are still doing that?” People are forgetting. We need help, fast! Need to spread the word~these outlets can greatly help. I send them pictures, videos, and Elora, Tarah & Scotts blogs. You can just copy and paste the link. If you google ex: LARRY KING LIVE E-MAIL ADDRSS” it comes right up. OR, go to what ever media page, scroll all the way to the bottom and look for ‘contact us’, then go from there.
    The sadness and depression I’m feeling is overwhelming, I can’t imagine how the C.G’s are feeling.
    They will never be the same. Please e-mail!

  5. I just emailed the Oprah show and told her she really needs to do a special on this horrible event that is happening in Taiji, Japan. I really hope she considers it...I sent an email to Anderson Cooper/CNN and it says my comment is still waiting for moderation. What's it going to take to get this in the media and on the news???

    I did personal e-mails too, to my actual 'friends' on facebook. So easy to just click the link and fill it out. Takes what 30 seconds.
    Try this, I have e-mails & messaged them on so many different CNN sites. This 1st one is the one I did today, and I got an e-mail confirmation from them. I filled out 4 at CNN in general. Both 'News Tips' and 'CNN International' We gotta just keep on, doing it. It least we can sleep a tad better knowing we are trying to help this horrible fight.
    Below is the link I used for Cooper. :)

  7. I read & share your blog daily. I call & email the embassy daily. Please know we are with you & the dolphins in spirit. Thank you for what you are doing.

  8. I have no words.
    This is... I can't. I can't. I don't know what to say about it. I just want to scream.