Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Fruitarian's Guide To Saving Our Oceans

Hey all,

Our hopes from yesterday came true! This morning we witnessed another unsuccessful hunting day for the dolphin molesters. A cheer went up as they came in empty handed. The dolphins will live another day.

Since today was such a great day, I thought I'd lighten my blog up a little. Many have asked about my eating practices. For those of you who are not aware; I'm a raw fruitarian. This means that I only consume raw, fresh, ripe, and idealy organic fruits and vegetables. In a land where vegans supposedly "starve", you may be wondering how I survive in Taiji, Japan. It is actually proven quite easy.

I am a part of a wonderful community, This website provides support, mentoring, research, and  motivation for this lifestyle. Living this lifestyle in Japan has proven to be very enjoyable. Japan is home to a wide variety of delicious fruit perfectly suited to a fruitarian. I have delighted in many varieties of juicy mandarin oranges, rich fuyu and hachiya persimmons, large concorde grapes, sweet pears, delicious mangos, and creamy bananas. I also brought fresh dates from Canada. Japan is a fruitarian's dream! Each day, based on the guidelines from "The 80/10/10 Diet" by Dr. Douglas Graham and 30bananasaday, I consume over 3000 calories of sweet juicy fruit. This provides me with optimal nutrition and energy for the mental and physical exhaustion that I have experienced while being a Cove Guardian. I also buy fruit in bulk to allow for proper ripening and to make sure that I have enough on hand for our busy schedule.

                                         Fruit Fuel for 2-3 days!

Being involved in direct action campaigns while eating this way does not have to be difficult. Bananas, dates, pears, and oranges a quite easy to travel with. I plan to maintain my fruitarian diet while heading to Antarctica to save whales. Will this be difficult? I cannot promise that it will be entirely easy, but I enjoy a challenge! Dates will be my staple food. I will rotate between medjool, bahri, and kalawi dates and bring along frozen fruit for smoothies and the like. This lifestyle is one of abundance. It is composed of adequate sleep, fresh fruit, exercise, sunshine, and a zest for life! I can't imagine living any other way after receiving the numerous benefits that fruit bring.

There are many tastes, textures, and smells involved with a fruity lifestyle. The varieties of fruit on our earth are virtually endless! There are 1000's of different types of fruits ranging in taste from vanilla pudding and chocolate to fresh baked pumpkin pie! Hope this answers all of your questions!

For The Oceans,


  1. Hey Tarah! You're going to the Antarctic?

  2. Wow. I had never heard of a fryutaiun until now! Very interesting.
    Thanks for sharing :-)

  3. The only time I read about a fruitarian diet, except your blog, it primarily said that it was unhealthy to eat mostly fruit. I'm happy to see that it's not true...

    It's like when nutritionists say that veganism leads to vitamin deficiency and other health problems, and I think about people I know that have been vegan for 10, 20, 30 years without having such problems. I compare them to the meat and dairy eaters that I know. Almost every one of them is becoming extremely sick with age.
    Or course, you have to be careful with your diet and find out what's best for you, I can't say that every meat-eater is sick, and that every vegetarian and vegan is healthy (I'm a vegetarian, and I used to be healthy but for the last 2 - 3 months, staying at my mother's, eating commercial crappy pastries and over-processed foods, I now have to go get tested for diabetes).

    I got a little carried away but the point is: thank you for sharing!

  4. You're bang on Cath!
    It's easy for nutritionists eating a mainstream diet to make sensational claims about veganism and fruitarianism. Of course there is a right way and a wrong way to do it. One must be sure to eat enough for optimal performance and include variety in their diet. I've found this lifestyle to be amazingly abundant!
    You're all very welcome :)

  5. Hi Tarah!
    Interesting topic on Fruitarian, yes, do enjoy the lovely fruit varieties and dolphins-free day at the Cove!
    Thanks to all of you Cove Guardians in Taiji!

    Stay well!
    Cindy : )