Thursday, June 16, 2011

Drive Through Otsuchi - After Earthquake Video

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Here is the next video of our experience in Otsuchi, Japan after the earthquake on March 11, 2011 driving to higher ground from the center harbour. The first vehicle held myself, Scott, and Brian from Save Japan Dolphins. The second vehicle held Marley, Mike, and Carisa; friends of mine from Vancouver Island. We were conversing over walkie-talkies.

You may notice some joking on my part in this video. Not only did I not fully comprehend the severity of the situation, I really had no prior knowledge of what a Tsunami entailed. I remember viewing a video quite some time ago during the time of the Tsunami in Indonesia, but the only part I had retained was the water first receding and then quickly rising. Having experienced another earthquake only two days prior I did not believe that the Tsunami would be as devastating as it was.

Anyways, here is the video.
You can also view it by visiting my Youtube channel.

Also, many of you may have noticed the change in the name and URL of my blog. The Cove Guardians have had to change our blog and URL names due to complications with Sea Shepherd tax rights. My blog now goes by the name of  "Memoirs of an Ocean Guardian" and has the URL

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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Earthquake Video

I'd like to share with everyone the first video that I shot in Japan during the earthquake on March 11, 2011. I have a number of videos that I took during the Tsunami and I will be showing the ones that I deem appropriate.

Here is the first.

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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Tsunami Photos

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I've been absent for some time as my partner and I have been traveling to visit family and the like. We had taken a bit of time off to spend time with friends and family back in Ontario and Tofino, Vancouver Island's West Coast.

The last post I wrote here mentioned the Sea Shepherd event in Seattle. Many of you know by now that the event was a huge success. A group of us traveling from Canada experienced quite a bit of trouble at the border due to the fact that I had "Earthforce" in my possession. After a grueling 12 hour day at the border, running back and forth to retrieve documents showing our loyalty to Canada, we were allowed in the United States. We met up with other Cove Guardians including Bob Timmons, Rob Lorkiewicz, Libby Miller, Elora & Scott, Tim Quick, Dave Blanchard and his family and many others. It was great to spend time with other guardians, those who we had already been through so much with. We spent the weekend in Seattle before heading to Ontario.

Now, onto more recent events. I have decided to show my photos from our Tsunami experience in Otsuchi, Japan. It's quite surreal looking back on such a life changing event. It's easy to temporarily forget the experience with Scott, Marley, Mike, Carisa, and Brian, but viewing the photos brings it all home. Life returns to normal even after the most tragic events but I doubt this event will ever fade into the background for any of us. I had taken many photos and videos during the Tsunami, as we were there for the purpose of documentation. The majority of the photos that I have here today are taken on a second-rate digital camera. I have many others that I took with my 1989 SLR Minolta, but I cannot locate the disk to upload them. The photos are in order from the beginning of the water receding until we walked out of Otsuchi the next day. Also, please remember that these photos belong to me and are not for publication.

It's important not to forget that this disaster has not ended for Japan. The North American News stations seemed to have rendered the story unimportant for the time being, but Japan is still dealing with a nuclear crisis. Not only this, but the entire coast is faced with attempting to rebuild a fraction of the life they once lived. Having seen first hand the devastation that the Tsunami caused in Otsuchi, I believe the damage is almost irreparable. I cannot imagine the hardship that the Japanese people are forced to face in the wake of the Tsunami. Please, if you have the resources donate to Japan relief efforts. The aftermath of the Tsunami is not over simply because the News does not see fit to air it.

I will have video excerpts uploaded from our experience in Otsuchi in the coming days.
Until then

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