Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Night For The Oceans

Hey all,

On the 19th of November I returned to Vancouver, B.C. The following evening an event was planned as a fundraiser for Sea Shepherd. It was organized by Antoine Lum and was a great success! It was held in downtown Vancouver, at a building aptly named Century House. It boasted old fashioned decor and architecture from over 100 years ago.

                                                   Century House
A few friends and myself helped with preparation work prior to the event. We helped set up, only to find out that the Sea Shepherd merchandise represenatives had been denied entry at the U.S/Canadian border. Luckily they made it to the event just in time, short a few items.

The evening started promptly at 7pm with lively music, drinks, and numerous Sea Shepherd supporters. "A Night For The Oceans" sported a large silent auction featuring great vegan items found locally and internationally, a Sea Shepherd merchandise table, complimentary Lush gift bags, and delicious veg h'ordeuvres. Next came speeches made by myself, Alex Earl, and Chuck Swift. It was an honour to speak beside such wonderful environmental crusaders. I spoke about the Cove Guardian campaign, hoping to inspire others to take the trek to Taiji. Many supporters and wellwishers came my way after speaking, congratulating me on my speech, and wishing to learn more about becoming a Cove Guardian. If I was able to inspire at least one individual, the evening was a success!

                                                Friends and me

Antoine created a wonderful evening in support of our oceans. His speech was presented well and everyone agreed that he did a great service for SSCS. The evening ended off with club-like music and almost every silent auction item had a buyer. After having some great discussion and passing out silent auction wins, I left along with some great Vancouver activists.

All in all, "A Night For The Oceans" was a great welcome home.

For The Oceans,


  1. Hi Tarah,
    My Son & I are planning a trip to Taiji the end of next year & possibly my Mom, I see that you have been at this for awhile and I need advise from anyone who has been there and can help me possibly raise money so we can go, and to give me any trip ideas Like where to stay..and all that good stuff, I am a planner and like everything figured out way before we even go on a trip of this size. We plan on going for at least 2wks. I have been in touch with Scott West and have gotten some info. regarding the trip, but I feel I need more, and I really need help with ideas oh how to raise money to go and any left over would go to The Sea Shepherd.
    Here is my e-mail address e_d_leethomas@yahoo.com
    Thank you for everything you do & look forward to hearing form you :)
    Erin Thomas

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