Sunday, November 14, 2010


Hey all,

This morning we headed into Taiji at 5:45am. The weather was starting to look trecherous, and we were hoping that the dolphin molesters would not leave port. By 6:30 it was obvious that this was not going to be a hunting day in Taiji. The visibality out in the sea was next to none. There were whitecaps in the ocean; imparing the molester's ability to spot dolphins, and the wind had picked up considerably. The dolphins rejoiced in life today!

I'd like to say a word to those who believe that this is a racist campaign. Many are under the impression that Sea Shepherd is Anti-Japanese, that we aim to boycott the country as a whole. This is not the case. We are simply against the cruel and inhumane slaughter of the ocean's cetaceans. Speaking for myself, I am an animal rights activist and abhor cruel treatment of any animal in our world. Just as we disagree with cetacean slaughter in Japan, we also campaign against the seal slaughter in Canada, the slaughter of Pilot Whales in the Faroes, and finning of sharks in China. There is no racism here. We will protest any nation that is home to cruel treatment of ocean life. We have a love for these creatures and aim to protect them.

Our encounters with Japanese people within the town of Kii-Katsuura and Taiji Town have been largely positive. Through my travels to our hotel, out to restaurants, and on the train I have experienced very pleasent conversations with most Japanese individuals. Just today some of us Cove Guardians had a positive conversation about the dolphin slaughter with two young women from Tokyo. We enjoy the company of Japanese people.

What we simply cannot understand is why the Japanese Government and the people of Japan allow 26 dolphin molesting thugs to shame an entire nation. It is time for the Jpanese people to take a stand against this cruel and barbaric slaughter of dolphins.

For The Oceans,


  1. Thank you for everything that you are doing.
    When people are scared or don't understand others, it is easy to feel like a target.
    I know that this is not a racist campaign, you just care about the animals. Unfortunately when people are passionate and emotional it is easy to say/ write things in the heat of the moment without thinking about how it coukd affect or be interpreted by everyone else.
    I am not referring to this blog or you, but in some comments on other blogs, facebook etc when expressing disgust about what the fishermen and government are doing... Sometime they are referred to as the Japanese. Not the fishermen/ government or people directly involved. So I guess these comments could be taken as reffering to all Japanese people as a race.

    I know it's time for the Japanese people to take a stand, but from living here for 6 years and discussing this with my family, it's not their way to stand up against things. It sux and for us it is so frustrating and difficult to understand.
    But we should not give up.
    Sorry I had heaps more I wanted to say but I have a fractured back and can't type anymore

    Peace and thank you for all that you are doing.

  2. Tarah,
    I do not believe you are a racist, however as a Japanese, I feel you people from SS at Taiji are discriminating the Japanese, and the reason I feel so is the following.

    As you well know that Taiji people are claiming their catch as their cultural / heritage, and they obey the local law. This is the same conducts as the native American (Alaskan) are conducting their annual cultural whaling in N. America. The #s of the Alaskan whale catch is surely smaller than the catch done by Taiji people, but if it is your mission to save the aminal, I wonder why you (or any of SS members) do not protest the Alaskan whaling to save the whales before you go to overseas like Taiji.


  3. SSCS member is use slang or vulgar language!

    貴女は人種差別主義者だ! 太地の漁民に対してスラングを言ったように、自国の先住民にも同じ事言えよ!!