Sunday, November 14, 2010


Hello all,

I have more bloody news to report today. This morning the hunter boats had left port in search of dolphins. By 8:30 they had found a small pod of what looked like Bottlenose dolphins and drove them into the Cove. The reason I mention the species of dolphin is because Japan claims that they do not slaughter bottlenose dolphins. This is a blatant lie. They chose two dolphins for the slave trade and wasted no time in slaughtering the rest. This may seem monotonous, day after day, but we must remember that each of these dolphins are caring, loving creatures who do not deserve this fate.

It is very important that each time they start a dolphin drive you send in your letters, e-mails, and make phone calls! Each time they take dolphins for captivity contact your local Japanese Embassy. Each time the molesters slaughter dolphins, be sure to tell the Japanese Government how you feel. We provide you with updates on the current situation, but it is the actions of individuals like you that create change within the Japanese Government.

The dolphins are counting on us! They need your phone calls, letters, faxes, and e-mails. Not only this, but they need us here in Taiji. We are in need of more Cove Guardians. I understand that it is at your own risk and expense, but if you are able to come please do so! When there was 15 of us here we were able to capture footage from every angle, and the team comradery was excellent. We are now dwindling in numbers. If you can come yourself, or simply have the cash available to fund another Cove Guardian's trip, we need your support! This campaign cannot happen without both Cove Guardians and constant bombardment of the Embassies.

Please don't hesitate to contact Scott at if you woud like more information. The dolphins need us now more than ever.

For The Oceans,

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