Friday, November 12, 2010

A Day Of Rest For The Dolphins

Hey all,

Yesterday morning we set out for Taiji after learning from other Cove Guardians that the molesters had gone out in search of prey. We did not spend much time in Taiji. Nature worked in favour of the dolphins yesterday morning. The sky looked ready to storm, and it did not disappoint! Rolling thunder sounded out over the quiet town followed by flashing lightning. Not long after, the showers started to pour down. We knew that the molesters could not search for dolphins in this weather.

The molester boats started to file in, defeated by mother nature. It was another day for celebration in Taiji. The group of us headed over to "Tea & Toasta" for literally just that. We spent some quality time together, relaxing and soaking up the energy of the storm.

I have more wonderful news to report from yesterday! Our fellow Cove Guardian, Rosie was just accepted for this year's Antarctic campaign "No Compromise"! She will be heading to Hobart to join the crew in only a few short days. We are very proud of Rosie. She is a dedicated animal activist and works tirelessly for the betterment of animals and our ocean. The crew will be lucky to have her. She is a wonderful activist filled with love, and she deserves this opportunity! Way to go Rosie!

I'll leave off here. We can only hope that another storm will roll in this morning. Hopefully mother nature is on our side.

For The Oceans,

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