Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Spreading The Word


It's been a little while since I've posted a blog. Life has gotten back to as much of a "normal" state as possible, although it's impossible to stay disconnected from the happenings at the cove.

I'd like to highlight the efforts of fellow activists and friends of mine looking to travel to Taiji. Monday evening I spoke about my experience at a fundraising event for three local activists here on Vancouver Island. I had spoken to Marley, Mike, and Carissa about Taiji and they became inspired by others raising funds for the trip. They felt in their hearts that they had to become Cove Guardiands. It is a pull that one cannot ignore.

The evening featured a screening of the documentary "The Cove" with a picture slideshow from past Cove Guardians. During the slideshow I spoke about my experience in Taiji, highlighting the efforts of the Sea Shepherd campaign. It was a fantastic evening, raising $1400 for the three activists. They also held a sale of baked goods and locally made art pieces at the event. The word is spreading here on Vancouver Island. Many who did not know of the horrors in Taiji are now aware and looking to become active. Things are slowly changing for the dolphins in our oceans.

Please take a minute to look at their blog:  . They will be traveling to Taiji for the last three weeks of the campaign, keeping it strong to send a message that we are not backing down until the killing of dolphins is no more.

The word is spreading. Inspiration for future Cove Guardians is happening all over the word. Please keep up the awareness!

For The Oceans,

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  1. Hey Tarah, I'm looking to host a similar evening for raising money here on the mainland. I'd love if you could make it over to speak about your experiences.