Monday, November 8, 2010


Hey all,

We saw today just how greedy these dolphin molesters are. We headed to the Cove this morning at 6:30 to meet with everyone and discuss our options. It was perfect weather for a hunt. The banger boats had gone out, and it was not long before we saw them driving in a large pod of dolphins. Let me just recap on the other day. These brutal killers set 60 dolphins free, only to set back out to sea to ruin the lives of another pod of dolphins. Their thirst for blood is insatiable.

While we were at the Cove standing guard, we heard Elora call you backup. Her and Scott were at the top of the hill, and suddenly became surrounded by fishermen. They were there to net the area where we covered the gruesome footage of the gutting barge not so long ago. Everyone headed up the hill to make sure everything was ok. It was a long drawn out camera war between the fishermen and guardians. We refused to move. They set up the nets, which really provided more decoration than anything. They are becoming agitated. Who knows what the unpredictable Sea Shepherds will do next.

We caught on film the dolphin drive- dolphins swimming for their lives. This time though, the dolphins headed towards the harbour. We believe it is likely that the dolphins were speaking to their fellow kind, the 60 or so captured in small pens in the harbour awaiting their life of slavery. The molesters set up the nets and simply left the dolphins there to become stressed and scared over night. Meanwhile some of us headed back to the hotel while the rest set watch over the harbour and at the Cove.

The molesters and trainers started emptying the captive dolphin pens, transferring the dolphins onto trucks. The guardians filming could see the dolphin's struggle. They were emptying the pens for today's selection. We shall witness the fate this early morning. Also, the area at the public beach that was only a buoy line before if now a net line. They're not taking any chances.

For The Oceans,


  1. I know that the fisherman drive the dolphins in with noise. Is it possible to have boats out there too to drive them out or frighten them away?

  2. Many have thought about it and discussed it, but it would be a direct interference with their work. If you interfere directly in any way it becomes "Obstruction of business" and lands you 2-3 years in prison.

    You never know though!