Sunday, October 3, 2010

Video Log & Youtube Channel

Hello all,

I recorded my first video log and have posted it on my youtube channel. Please watch the video and subscribe to my channel if you have a chance.

For The Oceans,


  1. Since you posted a new blog entry, I thought I'd post my comment here so that you won't miss it if I posted it in your previous entry.

    It is quite obvious from your response (to my last comment) that you do not really appreciate where I am coming from and what I have done so far on behalf of wild cetaceans, despite the deep reservations that I have about going to Taiji. I could not sense your complete understanding, encouragement, and support in your remarks. Instead, I was being bashed for the way I perceived about Taiji as far as being present and participating in activities are concerned.

    Since I have never been involved with Sea Shepherd, have never watched The Cove (due to lack of captioning), and have never participated in activities other than what I have done so far on behalf of wild cetaceans, I was looking for people that can really understand my dilemma and be able to offer assistance while providing encouragement. [Example: "I can really understand your predicament. But I truly encourage you to come to Taiji and do hope that you will re-consider going. If you're planning to go, perhaps we can coordinate the trip and work together at the Cove as well. And I will try my best to help with the communication and get others to help as well. I will look forward to your letting me know what you think, and we can go from there...."] Such response would have put me at ease, and I would have felt even more encouraged about being in Taiji. But the way you came across via bashing - as well as pointing out that the problem lies with me - made me feel less inclined to come to Taiji.

    (to be continued)

  2. (continued from above)

    Please do not tell me that my deafness does not matter. It truly matters much! Since it appears that you do not know what it is like to be deaf, blind, or without limbs, you cannot judge someone's physical/sensory disability(ies) without walking a mile in that person's shoes! Even though I can speak and lipread very well, I would still need a lot of assistance with communication to ensure that I am up to speed with what's going on at the Cove and elsewhere and that I am not being left out of discussions and conversations.

    Like I said before, I would not want to duplicate the great effort on others' part by doing the exact same thing. What else can I do at the Cove besides standing there? I understand that when volunteers are on the Sea Shepherd ships, they're given different tasks to work on which is great! But the situation seems quite different at the Cove.

    Besides, how can we "watch over the dolphins, provide help to them, and show that we truly care about them" when they're being captured and killed since we cannot do anything to save them? This is one area that I am still having trouble with. I do understand that changes do not take place overnight and that everything takes time.

    I just wish that I could receive a lot of support and encouragement, as well as being understood, that would allow me to make a big difference instead of being bashed by those that appear self-righteous.

    I think that if you really want a huge following at the Cove, your coming across in a less-threatening manner with plenty of understanding, support, and encouragement would go a long way in getting more to travel to Taiji. I still have not ruled out about the trip, just feeling less inclined right now.

    You mentioned about many that have already made donations to your trip. Have you encouraged them to go as well?


  3. Wow, Laurice,

    I did not mean to come off that way at all. I apologize, as it is clearly hard to differentiate between feelings over the internet.

    The intention of the comment was not to bash you, not at all, rather the opposite.
    I mean't that you are powerful, that you can do anything that you put your mind to. I did not mean to lessen the importance of your deafness. I meant only to let you know that it does not matter to other activists that you are deaf. We would assist you regardless of any disabilities. I also mentioned that your passion is beautiful, and I certainly did not mean that in a negative way.

    Unfortunately, my job here is not to pat anyone in the back and sympathize with their problems. I'm here with the purpose of helping save the dolphins. What each individual decides to take away from my blog is their choice. I'm sorry if you do not agree with this. I'm here to to tell people the truth and get others motivated to make the leap and come to Taiji! Please take a few minutes and watch my video, as I mention many times that we need more individuals in Taiji. This is the main objective! I encourage absolutely everyone to go!

    I'm truly sorry that you feel this way. I believe that our emotions create our reality, and I choose to always think positively. You ask what can we possibly do at the Cove? I ask you, what good does it do to sit and complain at home while feeling negative? I'm not being harsh, simply honest.

    We want you at the Cove, no matter what your differences are. We will support you fully. You would not be alone. That being said, it is entirely your choice, but please do not feel that you would be useless!