Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thank You!

Hey all,

I have started my youtube channel and I will have videos posted and a link for everyone to view in a few days. Excuse me for not writing daily, I work 6-7 days per week, so I am very busy!

I'd like to thank all the amazing support that I've received. For those of you who do not know, I had made the decision to travel to Taiji only two short weeks ago. What has happened within these two weeks is nothing short of a miracle. I have received numerous donations from many individuals who I have never met. Because of the generous support of many, I have received donations exceeding $450 in just two weeks! You have all made a difference!

Just yesterday I spread posters around my city, and dropped off a couple of donation boxes to environmentally conscious stores. I've been busy planning a vegan bake sale, and the feedback has been phenomenal! I now have 6 wonderful individuals donating vegan and raw dessert dishes, and two of those individuals are each holding another bake sale fundraiser for the Taiji effort!

On top of this I have been very pleased to read all of the kind comments and messages from you! Your support to help me save the dolphins has been wonderful. I'd like to thank everyone who has posted a comment, donated, given positive thoughts, and followed my blog.

The purpose of this post is to thank each and every one of you. Without your passion and commitment to the dolphins, none of this would be possible. It is because of you that I will be able to help the dolphins with direct action initiatives. So, thank you to each and every person who has shown generousity, no matter how small. One person can make a difference!

For the Oceans,


  1. From your blog entry: It is because of you that I will be able to help the dolphins with direct action initiatives.

    You've emphasized in your blog entries about saving the lives of the dolphins. How will you be able to do that (without breaking any laws)? And exactly what will you do while in Taiji?


  2. Hey Laurice,
    Have you checked out the updates on the Sea Shepherd page? Scott West is posting daily about their actions.
    Right now the campaign must remain entirely non violent. If I were to break any laws I would be arrested immediately.
    Currently the goal is to document and monitor the situation, so that the world is able to see daily updates. If there is a large number of individuals in Taiji, all of our actions can't possibly be monitored. This is why we need more people in Taiji.
    Until more individuals commit, we will have to stick with filming and documenting the dolphin situation and sharing it through the Sea Shepherd website and the Japanese Media. Even if we reach one new individual with videos and information, we're one step closer to ending the slaughter.

  3. Believe me, I have been checking the Sea Shepherd site, as well as Elora West's and Ric O'Barry's blogs, every day - even several times a day - without fail! I have posted numerous comments on the 16-year-old girl's blog and have written to Scott about the possibility of my going to Taiji. I heard back from him with some trip info. I did post my first blog entry to let everyone know that I had been mulling over the possibility of being at the Cove. The link to my blog site is as follows:

    When you mentioned about 'saving the lives of the dolphins', my impression (from your blog posts) was that you would probably consider 'some alternatives' other than photographing, videotaping, and blogging about the events that have taken place at the Cove. Thanks for letting me know that you would do otherwise.

    I did try to post my comment to your first blog entry, but for some reason, it did not get through. Since then, I spent a lot of time trying to decide about the trip while following the Taiji reports very closely. I do have very deep reservations about the trip because there are already people - including the ones from the Sea Shepherd and SaveJapanDolphins groups - at the Cove documenting everything that is going on, and I would not want to duplicate their efforts by photographing, videotaping, and blogging about the same things myself. (Who's going to take the time to read all of my blog entries and see all the photos/videos that I've taken??) Besides, what else can I do over there other than standing at the Cove and not being able to do anything to help save the lives of the dolphins without breaking any laws?? Like all of you guys, I personally DO NOT want to get into trouble if I tried to do something so as to save the lives of the dolphins! I would really hate the feeling of helplessness standing at the Cove while the captured dolphins are in danger - either in the captive pens or inside the Cove prior to the slaughter - and not being able to do anything to help them! I realize that it does not matter where I am - here in Mesa, Arizona or in Taiji, Japan - my presence would not cause the fishermen to have a change of heart. Folks from Sea Shepherd and SaveJapanDolphins are already there, yet, the fishermen had already had their first cull of the season last month.

    Because of my profound deafness, I am extremely concerned about being 'left out' in conversations and important discussions, missing out on the most important situations, and running into misunderstandings and communication difficulties. I can speak and lipread very well, but still, a lot of people do not take to the deaf very well.

    Besides all the above, I really am not sure how I would be able to deal with people's lack of response to my efforts, seeing dolphins being captured for the public display facilities and/or being slaughtered, and running into communication difficulties. I do not want to return here feeling so angry, extremely frustrated, and quite distraught that I would never return to Taiji to do the exact same thing the following year. This is something that I really do not want to go through. Otherwise, I would feel like I am wasting my time, effort, and money doing something that does not allow me to make a significant difference.

  4. I completely understand your stance, Laurice, but you must not think this way!

    Each and every one of us can and will make a difference. You must understand that every campaign starts from the ground up. If Paul Watson had harboured this mentality, Sea Shepherd would not be where they are today. It has taken over 30 years to come to this level of awareness for our oceans. We cannot expect to be 100% effective at the very beginning of a campaign. Do you not want to inspire others to take the leap to help the dolphins? Believe in yourself!

    It seems as though you severely underestimate your abilities. It does not matter if you are deaf, blind, or have missing limbs. It is only important that you possess passion and dedication for ocean life. The only limitations that I see here are the ones that you have created for yourself. If you truly believe and hold onto the thought that you are essentially useless, not being of any assistance to the dolphins, than this will be so.

    Would you not be frustrated, angry, and quite distraught if you decided to stay home because you believed that you cannot make a difference? True, we may not be able to physically free the dolphins through the cutting of nets, but this does not make us powerless. What do you consider a significant difference? Do you think that the dolphins do not realize that we are there watching over them, sending our love, trying to help them? They are far more complex creatures than we could possibly realize, connected to the earth in ways we cannot imagine.

    The only limitation you face is yourself. You can choose to be a puppet to your fears, or stand above and do everything in your power to make a difference. Your passion is beautiful. You have the ability to anything you choose, but you first must believe that the impossible is in fact possible.

  5. Very well said Tarah! Great conversation here! I think it is too easy for us to believe that we cannot make a difference...whether we are here or there! What if everyone had that same thought?! Where would we be?! What would that mean for the future?! for the dolphins?! I know all too well how self doubt, fear and creating limitations for oneself can set up road blocks on the path to honouring where our heart wants to take us and what we know deep down is right. The truth is, as Tarah has mentioned, that ANY effort...even the teeniest, tiniest effort can ABSOLUTELY still make a difference!! It all adds up! Even if it simply means bringing AWARENESS to the crimes against the dolphins. That is how change will happen!! I also agree that the dolphins must know people are there supporting them, fighting for them, and sending them loving, positive vibrations! Thank You Tarah for your unwavering dedication - you are a beautiful soul!

    Sending love & gratitude to all the beautiful creatures of the sea!! <3

  6. I am interested in going.Could you e-mail me so that I might get information about hotels and such.


  7. Absolutely, Lisa.
    Thank you for posting!