Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Two Activists Are Better Than One

Hello all,

I am deeply worried about the dolphins currently in the killing cove. I am envisioning them escaping, as futile as it may seem to some. Like Elora, I very much believe in the force of visualization and positive thoughts. This being the case, I have been hoping for others to join us in Taiji as fellow Cove Guardians. We need more people. Rex has been mentioning on facebook that they are working tirelessly to get the word out to the world. We cannot stress this enough: If you have the opportunity to come to Taiji, please do so!

I'd like to report some wonderful news in this time of dispair. My partner Ryan has been given the opportunity to travel to Taiji to act as a Cove Guardian. He has a lull in his work which is allowing him the time to spend protecting the dolphins. Ryan and I traveled together earlier this year to volunteer with Sea Shepherd in the Galapagos. He is a hard worker and never voices complaints. He was as shocked as I when viewing "The Cove" and would like to help in any way he can. The only obstacle standing in Ryan's path is finances. I have almost raised the full amount for my trip to Taiji in only 1 1/2 months, and have finalized my travel arrangements. I am still in need of more funds, but the future is looking bright. Two activists are better than one, and I'd love for Ryan to join us in the fight to save the dolphins of our oceans!

We are looking forward to the next fundraising event this upcoming Friday evening. We have been working very hard to make media contact, get donations for silent auction items, and raise awareness for the dolphins. Ryan has been extremely supportive and is now very excited at the prospect of directly helping the dolphins in Taiji. I know I have asked a lot of you wonderful individuals, and your support has been fabulous. But hear my call again, if anyone knows of a possible sponsor, or someone who would like to support this initiative please direct them here. I leave in one week from today and It'd be great to have another activist traveling with me.

Here is a glimpse of Ryan and I with the Sea Shepherd crew in the Galapagos Islands:

                                           Ryan and I at the Bake Sale for The Dolphins

For The Oceans,

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