Saturday, October 30, 2010

Artwork Items for Sale!

Hello all,

I have artwork items for sale...But first, lets recap on last night....
Last night my partner and I held another fundraising event titled "An Evening For The Dolphins". It was a beautiful night filled with love, music, friends, and delicious food. We started out the evening by setting up in  the newly renovated room at Zen zero. We gathered chairs, tables, a stage riser, decorations, and auction items. The auction items were ready to be bid on by 6:30pm. People started to filter in shortly after we opened, and by 7pm wonderful music by Jack and Peggy filled the space.

The event for the dolphins was another great success. We are coming closer to our goal of Ryan joining us activists in Taiji, Japan. We sold 25 out of the 30 auction items last night. Local businesses had donated items of all prices; ranging from water bottles, gift certificates, and clothing to art work, books, and woodworks. The music was also a success. Many great local artists took time out of their busy schedules to join us at the event. I want to thank Jack, Peggy, Bee Wolf Ray, Jeff Butterworth, and Corwin Fox. Your music touched each and every one of us. Thank you for your amazing support and beautiful rhythms.

This being said, we have not reached the final goal of two Canadian activists traveling to Taiji. We are so close! We are hoping for a miracle. I believe that miracles can happen. I am set to leave in two days time. Monday morning I will travel to Vancouver and I will board the plane for Taiji on Tuesday. Ryan feels a pull to Taiji. He wants to make a difference, to save lives. He is deeply passionate about animal rights issues and would love to help the dolphins. He needs $2500. This is not a large amount of money. I'm using visualization and positive thought to envision him in Taiji with us! We are looking for him to take the same flight as myself. It is the first flight listed here:

I will be placing the last few auction items, beautiful pieces of art for those interested in some last support! I have 5 art works worth $25, $125, $150, $500, and $1800. I will be posting the pictures of these items this afternoon. Please keep your eye out. If we sell these pieces of art, Ryan will be able to join the crew in Taiji and we will add one more activist to the cause.

For The Oceans,

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