Monday, September 27, 2010


Hello all,

I'd like to address the subject of raising funds for the dolphins in Taiji.

I created this blog a little over 1 week ago when I realized that it was imperative to have more passionate activists in Taiji. Being an advocate of direct action myself, I knew that my skills would be an asset to the Sea Shepherd team in Taiji, helping to save the lives of dolphins. Sea Shepherd sent out a call to action. They required the assistance of activists around the world. This is one campaign where money will not necessarily rule over all else. Numbers of passionate individuals are the catalyst in regards to saving lives here. If I believed that my money would be best spent by directly donating to SSCS, than this is the action that I would take. Of course I am a monthly donor and have volunteered previously, but I realize that more is needed now.

In this past week I have received over $100 in donations, many from individuals that I have never spoken with. I am very grateful to these wonderful, caring people. I have also received one sponsor and many positive comments and kind words. I would like to thank you all for your support. Your genorousity will greatly assist me in saving these beautiful creatures.

I think it is important to mention here that this blog is not about "sending Tarah to Japan". My blogging is for the purpose of  raising funds and inspiring others to save the dolphins. I'm not looking to vacation in Japan. I'm here with a goal of maintaining the positive presence in Taiji to end the slaughter of dolphins. Your donations, even if only a few dollars, go a long way. I am venturing out into other fund raising methods, and today will be creating my first video log on youtube. I will be placing donation boxes around my city, creating business cards, and will be hosting a large vegan bake sale and screening of The Cove in around 4 weeks time. I will be busy planning for the event, but have already had much positive feedback and many individuals offering to help. This is what i'm looking to end...

I'll end off here with a great quote originally posted by Samantha Whitcraft of Oceanic Defense.
"One whisper, when added to thousands of others, becomes a ROAR!"

For the Oceans,

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