Tuesday, September 21, 2010


It deeply saddens me to have to report of the first bloodshed in Taiji. Last night (morning in Taiji) 15 pilot whales were taken into the killing cove and slaughtered. Read the full story here: http://www.seashepherd.org/news-and-media/news-100921-1.html
This tragedy simply reinforces my will to go to Taiji. The dolphins need us, now more than ever. These fishermen are cold-blooded killers. They care not for the blood they spill and it is quite evident that some are starting understand the impact of their actions. Why else would they hide their procedures? The greater the number of activists in japan, the better. The world must see what is happening and use their power to end it.

My heart goes out to the 15 pilot whales who died in the cove last night. They will remain in my thoughts each day until my arrival in Taiji.

I'd like to address the reasons that some may find it difficult to travel to Taiji.
-I believe that work, or one's day job could be the deciding factor as of whether or not to go. I have recently started a new job. Only one month into working with them, I will have to explain that I will be leaving to go to Japan. I will outline exactly what it is that I will be doing, why I must go, and ask for their understanding.
-Money. This is perhaps the easiest obstacle to overcome. As you know, since deciding on this venture I have started raising money. I began with literally no funds available for this trip. Now, thanks to many wonderful individuals, I have received donations and one sponsor. Anything is possible if you put your mind to it. You must believe that money, or a lack of it, will not stand in your way.
-Family. If your family has trouble understanding, try your best to explain why it is you feel so passionate about this issue. Sit them down and play "The Cove". If your family truly cares for you, they will want what is best. Scott West is a great example of this.

Any other obstacles that you can conjure up, you can also overcome. How badly do you want to save lives?

For the Ocean,


  1. I'd like to add another obstacle for you that may keep some people from joining others in Japan. Children. I would LOVE to be in Japan right now doing all that I could to help save these dolphins and whales. With no money to spare at this time I would find a way to be there, if it weren't for my children. I am a stay-at-home mom to two wonderful little girls. I have no one but me to take care of them when my husband is at work, and if by some chance something happend to me while I was away and I was no longer able to take care of my children I would never forgive myself.
    For now I will continue to do whatever I can from here in Canada, and I will keep praying that some day I can bring my girls to Japan to see wild dolphins, in the wild instead of in kiddie pools and grocery stores.

  2. Great comment, Christina.
    I hadn't thought of children, as I don't have any. It's a very valid point to bring up, as I believe there are many in your situation.
    Either way it's wonderful to have your support and to see that your children will be armed with the facts!
    I too hope that one day you may bring your girls to Japan to see dolphins in the wild. In the mean time, keep up the great work. Much can be done from home!