Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Greetings from Taiji,

It`s so easy to remain disconnected from the dolphin slaughter while at home, safe from confrontation, able to choose whether or not to view animal suffering. It`s not so easy here in Taiji, Japan.

It all came rushing back this morning. The pain, the horror, the sadness, the feeling of helplessness that comes with knowing that these dolphins will take their last breath while fighting for their lives, an unfair fight doomed from the very beginning. They die for culture and pride, barbarity and sick pleasure. It is justified by culture. A culture shamefully draped in tarps to hide the disgusting deeds beneath.

This morning was no exception. Another day. Another dollar. Another pod of slaughtered dolphins. The molesters set out early and did not take long to locate two pods of Risso dolphins numbering 13-15 in total. The banger boats drove in formation forcing the dolphins towards the cove. What came next was the fastest slaughter that I`ve witnessed to date. The dolphin molesters work with the speed and efficiency of trained killers. They`ve configured entirely new tarp contraptions so that no footage can be taken of the dolphin struggle while being stabbed.  They go to great efforts in an attempt to block our cameras. It`s no matter. One minute the dolphins are alive swimming freely in the ocean, the next minute they`re hacked to pieces, their heads thrown together in a metal bin, guts spilled on the butcher house floor. Feel free to fill in the blanks.

I`ll share with you some photos from today. Don`t expect to see any blood or gore. Our opportunities for gruesome footage have come and gone. They expect that everyone will forget the cruelty involved without the powerful bloody images. We ask that you never forget the dolphins. We are their only hope.

Procession of Banger Boats

13-15 Risso Dolphins Captured in the Cove

Transporting dead dolphins- standing on their backs to prevent their dead bodies from floating

Ridiculous new tarp set-up at butcher house

For The Oceans,

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  1. I hate you and your doings.
    You never consider ecological pyramid, Japanese cultures, scientific basis, manner as foreigner.

    Can you protest at IWC?
    Your opinions must be very very weak!