Monday, August 8, 2011

One Bottle at a Time

Hey Everyone,

It's been a little while since I've posted here, as there have not been any updates. In light of the dolphin killing season resuming in Japan and some much needed action on my part, I have new and exciting news to post here.

I have decided to work as a full time activist, dedicating all of my time to issues surrounding conservation, animal rights, environmental degradation, and other issues that I feel passionately about. You may be wondering "how can one work as an activist full time?" There isn't any particular occupation for activists. Many environmental and animal rights crusaders struggle to get by with odd jobs.

I've created a video that outlines what I am currently doing in terms of raising funds and my hope for my continued work in the future.

I've realized that I need to put my passion and desires into action. Through collecting bottles with my bicycle trailer and recycling them for money I will be able to fund the majority of my endeavors, and all it takes is some inspired action. I spent this past weekend visiting my community door to door and received an enormous amount of support, collecting over 2000 cans and bottles in only 4 hours. I will continue to do the same so that I am able to return to Taiji and head to Antarctica this upcoming winter. 

There are many actions that anyone can partake in with a little brainstorming. The idea for bottle drives came from fellow Cove Guardians who had experienced success with this type of fundraising. I've come to the conclusion through much trial and error that this is the work I'm meant to do, living each day with inspired action while spreading the message. I will be contacting events, schools, restaurants, and many other establishments to collect their bottles, and have also opened up an account at the Courtenay bottle return centre so that anyone who would like to can donate their bottles to account 119, Cove Guardian. 

Here are some photos of some small loads from my first bottle drives. 

Anyone can choose to pursue activism as a full time passion. There is no need for wasting your passion and energy working a job that you do not enjoy. Start to think of ways in which you can use your skills to fuel your dreams. The possibilities are endless.

For the Oceans,

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