Thursday, June 16, 2011

Drive Through Otsuchi - After Earthquake Video

Hey all,

Here is the next video of our experience in Otsuchi, Japan after the earthquake on March 11, 2011 driving to higher ground from the center harbour. The first vehicle held myself, Scott, and Brian from Save Japan Dolphins. The second vehicle held Marley, Mike, and Carisa; friends of mine from Vancouver Island. We were conversing over walkie-talkies.

You may notice some joking on my part in this video. Not only did I not fully comprehend the severity of the situation, I really had no prior knowledge of what a Tsunami entailed. I remember viewing a video quite some time ago during the time of the Tsunami in Indonesia, but the only part I had retained was the water first receding and then quickly rising. Having experienced another earthquake only two days prior I did not believe that the Tsunami would be as devastating as it was.

Anyways, here is the video.
You can also view it by visiting my Youtube channel.

Also, many of you may have noticed the change in the name and URL of my blog. The Cove Guardians have had to change our blog and URL names due to complications with Sea Shepherd tax rights. My blog now goes by the name of  "Memoirs of an Ocean Guardian" and has the URL

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  1. Sea Shepherd celebrates Japan earthquake tsunami

    Sea Shepherd celebrates Japan earthquake tsunami

  2. Hey all,

    Sea Shepherd(Cove Guardians) celebrates Japan earthquake tsunami!!!

    Sea Shepherd going after Mexican and Chinese shark fin fishing?

    Sea shepherd is people unlawful dumping(bits of glass ,chemicals liquid) polluting the sea


    SSCS supporters comment
    I hope the earthquake/tsunami in Japan swallows up every dolphin fishing boat!!!
    That would be an answered prayer = happy safe dolphins!
    2011-03-11 15:51:24
    you took something from the ocean Japan, and now the ocean wants something back ...
    No more Whale and dolphin Killing ..
    2011-03-11 16:23:34
    Can't help but thinking maybe the Japanese Earthquake is Karma for the dolphin and whale killings
    2011-03-11 17:40:17
    i really hope that dolphin killing cove in japan gets washed away. just saying.
    2011-03-11 17:55:35
    Dear Japanese, Karma's a bitch, Yours sincerely, Whale and Dolphin Community
    2011-03-11 20:19:00
    I also hope the slaughterers in Taiji, Japan drowned in the flood. Have a good day everyone!
    2011-03-11 21:53:13