Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I'll share with everyone the few stories that I have done since I arrived back to Canada. I have not spoken to news stations outside of the reporters who greeted us at the Seattle airport. Contrary to what some may believe, I do indeed care about the Japanese people and do not wish to exploit them in any way by making ourselves look like heroes. 

I have been criticized as of late (no surprise there) for my remark about the dolphin molesters. Yes, my heart does go out to the many families, children, and innocent lost in this tragedy. However, I do not take back my statement about feeling no remorse for the killers. Many lives have been lost, both human and non human. I do not differentiate between the life of a dolphin and the life of a human. Does this make me insensitive? I don't believe so. I simply care about all life equally. A human is no more important than any other animal that inhabits this planet. Billions of animals are slaughtered each year, suffering from a fate that few of us will ever experience or acknowledge. Those who feel the need to criticize have likely never allowed themselves to view the pain and suffering that this planet endures under our hands. It may be time to think about these things. We cannot allow ourselves to stay blind to the plight of both humans and non-humans on planet earth.

Now...to the stories. I have had an interview with a magazine in the UK who were looking for a perspective of a woman, which I have not had the chance to view yet. I was also interviewed by a paper in my hometown of Stoney Creek, Ontario. I did this to spread the news to friends and family who might not have been aware that I had traveled to Japan. Lastly, Lindsay Chung from "The Comox Valley Record", who had helped us numerous times with stories of our fundraising and such, wrote a story based on my blog. 

You can view the story in the Stoney Creek News and the Comox Valley Record here:

For The Oceans,

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  1. I pretty much cried when I read this...it is comforting that there are others out there that value all life, and respect all creatures!