Thursday, March 10, 2011

Iwate Prefecture, Japan

I'd like to introduce everyone to the Dalls Porpoise slaughter that occurs year round in Iwate Prefecture, Japan. If you thought the molestation of cetaceans in Japan ended in Taiji, you were mistaken. The slaughter of Dalls Porpoises is the largest slaughter of cetaceans around in the world today. The Japanese Government cannot be satiated by simply molesting the dolphins that pass by Taiji, they feel the need to mercilessly rape our oceans until the bitter end in every coastal area in the nation. Japanese fishermen slaughter around 15,000 Dalls Porpoises each year and it doesn't end there. An additional 8,000-10,000 Dalls become entangled in the nets from the Japanese Salmon fishery, and die. The majority of those who suffer from the entanglement and death are pregnant females. Fortunately, Dalls Porpoises live a very short time if kept in captivity, allowing them to escape one horror that other dolphins are often subjected to. For further detailed information please visit and

I traveled up from Taiji with Scott West and Brian from SJD, spending two days on the road in our efforts to travel to Ostuchi to document the slaughter of Dalls Porpoises. We spent our time driving through the beautiful mountainous regions of Northern Japan, wishing that our purpose were mere tourism. Japan is a beautiful nation surrounded by glorious coasts perfect for whale and dolphin watching. It really is too bad that the Government brings such shame upon its country. This is a nation that could and should be a leader in conservation.
                                                     A stop in the snowy mountains
During our first day in Otsuchi we were immediately greeted by "terrorist security". We also experienced a 7.2 earthquake that had an epicentre a few hours away, where we had been driving only the day before We had not yet announced that Sea Shepherd was in the area, but we were being closely watched. We were followed on our way back to the hotel but turned the tables and lost our tail. We arrived early this morning and realized that the Dalls from the previous day had already been butchered. We announced our arrival and were again greeted by the police and fishermen. We are currently figuring out the hunt schedule and will be spending every moment documenting this horrific slaughter.


                                                                  Butcher House

Otsuchi, Japan has a sister city none other than Fort Bragg California. I can`t help but wonder what Califorians will think of this sister city relationship in regards to the largest slaughter of porpoises in the world. I can`t imagine they will be too happy with the information. Maybe this connection is one that is better broken.

We will soon be joined by three fellow Vancouver Islanders and close friends of mine.

For The Oceans,

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  1. Thank you for the info about the slaughters in Otsuchi. I had been wondering where the other dolphins were being brought in to be killed. However, it is more interesting that you mentioned the 7.2 earthquake which now seems to be the precursor to the 8.9 quake. Although I am saddened by the enormous loss for the Japanese, I am equally happy that there will be no boats going out for a long time, thus dolphins are now free to live as they should. I hope the boats have been destroyed. Thoughts and prayers for your safety and well being and a safe return home.