Friday, February 25, 2011


Some may believe that dreams and reality must be separate from one another. I do not believe this to be the case. I mentioned in my last blog post that I was thinking of leaving my employment and dedicating my life to activism, trying to change our world for the better.

Well this past week, my dreams became my reality. I started a challenge 12 days ago, a challenge to watch the movie "The Secret" every day for 30 days. I had previously heard testimonies from those who had taken this challenge. I was ready to write my own testimonial. I'm aware that many either do not agree with or doubt the Law Of Attraction, but what I have witnessed over these past days has been phenomenal.

I started to feel better right from the start, focusing my thoughts and feelings upon my dream to live my life the way I wanted, not a life dictated by society. Within the first week, I received numerous donations, had my bicycle stolen (taking away my transportation to my job), and received signs daily that the time to start living my dreams was now, not in the future. On the 8th day of my challenge I quit my job. Immediately I felt as if a weight had been lifted from my shoulders. It was a joyous day. Now, some of you might be thinking "Are you crazy!? You quit your job? How are you going to earn a living?" I don't have an answer to these questions. I simply know that I don't want to look back in later years, wondering why I did not follow my dreams. Wondering why I wasted my life away working like everyone else, slowly letting my passion whither away. Taking the leap into the unknown can be frightening, but looking the other way as our oceans are dying is a more frightening concept in my eyes.

So, here I am. I'm traveling to Taiji this coming Wednesday. I plan on staying two weeks. I am very close to my monetary goals. I need around $500 more for everything to fall into place seamlessly. Either way I will make it work.

We must ask ourselves what is truly important in our lives. I have started to live from my heart. What else can one do? We often underestimate our potential. There are quite a few unanswered questions. How will I make money? How will I travel to where I am needed most to create change? How will I achieve balance?
I am not worried about these questions at the moment. My mind is focused on the task at hand, putting an end to the slaughter of dolphins in Japan. Nothing in my life is as important as this right now. Lives are at stake. Families are torn apart. Our oceans are dying. We must find a way to stop this.

"You can start with nothing. And out of nothing, and no way, a way will be made."
-Michael Beckwith

For Our Oceans,

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  1. wow super courageous!!!
    look forward to hearing of your time in taiji
    thanks for being there for the dolphins